2002 - A Future Guitarist is Born

Before I was born my parents would play classical music loudly for me, it definitely caught my attention and I think it developed my love for music.

I was born in Canada in 2002. I was a nerd who wouldn't stop moving and was always working on a different project. I was destined to be a guitarist.

2009 - Fell in Love With Music

I was always listening to music and working hard on different projects, even at a young age whenever I had free time I'd be working on crafts or listening to music.

That creative side would help me with all of my future fingerstyle guitar arrangements and ventures in the future.

2010 - Start Taking Electric Guitar Lessons

This is the time when my parents put me into guitar lessons. At this point I was only playing electric guitar, it was cool but I wasn't loving it.

I went through the traditional way of learning guitar, find a teacher, go through the easy books and learn songs like 'Mary Had a Little Lamb'.

It was alright, but just wasn't right for me.

2013 - Completely Quit Guitar

My original guitar teacher left and I ended with a bit of skill but not much motivation.

I still had to desire to play guitar, but wasn't the biggest fan of normal electric guitar, I wanted something different.

Either way, I needed a little break.

2014 - Start Learning Classical Guitar

My old guitar teacher referred me to a classical guitar teacher, I instantly fell in love with it. Having the ability to fingerpick just resonated deep in me.

I wouldn't need a band to perform, or to jam.

Playing classical meant being able to play beautiful tunes all by myself, it was also very similar to fingerstyle will all it's techniques. That means this would be one of the most influential decisions of my life.

2015 - Release My First Fingerstyle Album

At this point I learned about fingerstyle and would practice constantly. I created a YouTube Channel where I would post and create fingerstyle guitar covers that I would arrange, record and then produce videos to. My first album's I released was called classical variety. 

I went on to create a few more albums called ''Merry Christmas'', ''Band Covers'', ''Movie Soundtracks'' and "Acoustic''

2016 - Got Really Into Fingerstyle

I was hooked. I started to play percussive fingerstyle guitar and was up to playing the bass, melody, percussion and rhythm of songs all at the same time.

I would constantly pick up harder songs that were more challenging while at the same time posting them to YouTube. If I wasn't doing schoolwork I'd be practicing and working on fingerstyle guitar, it was a lot more fun to play then normal electric guitar.

2017 - Start Playing Gigs Every Week

My family saw how into fingerstyle & classical guitar I was getting. They saw an ad for a restaurant that was looking for a musician and sent me the email.

I ended up getting the gig with an hour of fingerstlye music arrangements of pop songs. That first night they hired me for the next day, and within a month I had steady weekly gigs at other restaurants. I got to play guitar and make money on the side with it as a bonus.

2018 - Created my First Guitar Website

I always had an entrepreneurship side to me since I was young. I would sell guitar tabs and created a website selling different guitar products, while still continuing to play consistent gigs.

It was super fun, something I've always possessed is the need to build something and how much fun it is to see the final product. But there was something missing, I wasn't leaving the impact I wanted to...

2019 - Receive Guitar Gold Medal and Made       

I recieved a guitar gold medal for getting the highest mark in my province on a high level guitar exam. This led me to be more motivated then ever.

I was also running other websites at this time, but I wasn't really making the impact I wanted to. I decided to put my video editing, producing and fingerstyle guitar skill together and create

A place where people of all skill levels can go to learn fingerstyle guitar. Within a month of launching I already had my first students.

2020 - The Future

I now have hundreds of people who've taken the methods we teach here are learn fingerstyle, but the future will hold more.

By 2022, I have the goal of creating 1,000 fingerstyle guitar students from all skill levels.

I know how nice it was in my life to know fingerstyle guitar,  and I want as many people to experience playing the bass, melody, percussion and rhythm on a guitar as possible.


It must have been 10 years ago...

I was sitting in my basement with my guitar in my hand watching some YouTube lessons trying to learn some Rock. It was terrible...

The teacher was going super fast, and I found myself rewatching the same parts of the video 5 times. I've never been this frustrated and unmoivated.

The teacher was going super fast, and I found myself rewatching the same parts of the video 5 times. I've never been this frustrated and unmotivated.