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Fingerpicking Guitar Lesson For Beginners

Have you ever wanted to fingerpick your favorite riffs fluently and confidently? Then start here. This is the Acoustia starter program designed to build your skill by getting your to fingerpick songs.

You'll learn how to fingerpick 4 famous riffs in 20 days. Through easy, step-by-step video lessons & the full workbook.

Best Fingerstyle Guitar Lessons Online

Fingerstyle guitar is more advanced. It's when you can fingerpick the full song all on one guitar. This type of guitar is great for playing to family & friends.

Fingerstyle Mastery at Acoustia will teach you how to master fingerstyle, in an easy, step-by-step way. If you've ever been captivated by fingerstyle, learn it here.

Best Way To Learn To Play Acoustic Guitar

Classical guitar is beautiful to play. But until now, the only way to learn it well was by hiring a private guitar teacher and learning with them for years.

Now with Classical Mastery at Acoustia, you can learn classical through our step-by-step video program and workbook. Skip the theory and get results quick.

Fingerstyle Guitar Lessons Online

Are you serious about your guitar skill? Do you want to progress and quickly as possible and have more 1-on-1 help? The Guitar Masters Club is Acoustia's exclusive guitar club, with limited spots.

Club members get unlimited access to all past and future programs, and a private live lesson every single week.

Gary Schultz

''I'm an older beginner. I have been playing guitar less then 2 years. I decided to learn fingerstyle guitar to bring a little joy to those who need it. No time like now to learn a new skill and dream a new dream.''

Alex Reyes

''I come from a classic rock background, and always played with a pick. I went from being a pure pick playing musician to learning to play with my fingers. I still find myself re-watching the videos inside of the course''

Glenn Gay

''I've played guitar for 30 years, but everything by ear. I couldn't read a note in the history of my guitar playing. In 2 weeks with Andrew's course, I can now read tabs. The detail in the course is so easy to follow.''

Hi, I'm Andrew Seguin. A gold medal awarded professional guitarist with over 10,000+ hours of experience in classical & fingerstyle guitar. I've played hundreds of gigs, learned countless songs, and have studied guitar through some of the best teachers out there.

But I wasn't always like this...

10 years ago, I tried to learn guitar for the first time. I remember sitting in my basement, guitar in my hands trying to learn some rock through YouTube lessons. The teacher was going too fast, and I found myself rewatching the same parts of the video since I couldn't understand it. I've never been that frustrated and unmotivated in my life. I remember wanting to quit. But at that point, I made a choice that would change the rest of my life.

I told this to myself...

''If I ever become a guitar teacher, I'm going to remember the days when I first started and was clueless. Imagine what it's like not to know what's going on and go slow''. That's when the idea of Acoustia was born. Step-by-step, fun programs that can get you amazing results quickly. Once I learned the right lessons, I started to get results. The rest is history.

Everything I've learned I put into easy, step-by-step programs that get results fast.

Acoustia isn't your average guitar lesson site. Apart from the programs being taught by a professional guitarist, there's some differences. The first is our approach.

At Acoustia, we pride ourselves in having a step-by-step approach. This approach helps build momentum, and lead to better results. Our programs slowly build ontop of eachother in a proven step-by-step way. The lessons focus on what gets you the most results fast. Ignoring all of the fluff and useless theory.

If you want a glimpse into our methods at Acoustia, watch our free guitar training by clicking the orange button below. Inside you'll learn exactly how to start fingerpicking, and play fingerstyle guitar.

Learn Acoustic Fingerstyle Guitar